NARWAL T10: 4-in-1 Robot Vacuum & Mop

Revolutionize Your Home Cleaning with the Narwal T10 - The Ultimate 4-in-1 Robot Vacuum & Mop

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$999.00 $799.99

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4.84 out of 5 stars

42 reviews

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The NARWAL T10 is a versatile 4-in-1 robot vacuum and mop that efficiently cleans floors with its advanced navigation and mapping technology. With its powerful suction, long battery life, and intuitive app controls, the NARWAL T10 is the ideal solution for hassle-free cleaning.

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Additional Product Details

  • šŸŸ£Efficient Multi-Tasking: Narwal T10 is not just a vacuum or a mop. Its 4-in-1 system combines sweeping, mopping, washing, and drying in a single machine
  • šŸŸ£Self-Cleaning Technology: No more dirty mop pads. Narwal T10 features self-cleaning technology that washes, rinses, and dries the mop pads automatically
  • šŸŸ£Suitable for all Floor Types: From vinyl to hardwood and marble, Narwal T10 can handle any type of flooring, leaving them spotlessly clean
  • šŸŸ£Hands-Free Operation: Let Narwal T10 do the work for you. It returns to its base station to clean and dry the mop pads, freeing up your time
  • šŸŸ£Advanced Navigation: With Lidar Navigation and multiple smart sensors, Narwal T10 easily navigates obstacles and optimizes its cleaning routine
  • šŸŸ£Customizable Cleaning: Set up no-go zones, adjust suction and moisture levels, and choose which rooms to clean. Narwal T10 puts you in control

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